Using “EWS” (Exchange Web Service) to your advantage!

Recently in the last several months we have had request to capture email bodies and attachments and store them into Laserfiche, DocuWare or Sentry File.

So I gave our development staff the task to come up with the best way to perform this request. First they reviewed what our current software packages provided out of the box:

  • Laserfiche -No availability
  • DocuWare -MAPI connection requiring Outlook to loaded onto a server
  • Sentry File -POP connectivity.  With no dynamic information available (i.e. from, to and subject)

Since the above options were not strong measures the BBDS development team created “EWS Capture” software.  EWS stands for Exchange Web Service and was introduced in Microsoft Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.  This BBDS custom application will allow BBDS to provide our clients a strong solution and help with the current problem of monitoring multiple mailboxes using human intervention:

Inside EWS Capture we added the connections to Laserfiche, DocuWare and Sentry File allowing for easy import into your Document Management or Records Management systems.

Once you create the connection you are able to add the connection profile to Windows Task Scheduler to run on a schedule that suites you:

We have had this running in several accounts without issues. Please Contact Us to receive a trial of EWS Capture!

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FORTIS to DocuXplorer Migration

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One case of this is a company that had been using the FORTIS Document Management suite of software (Westbrook technologies Inc.).  This particular software had this customer in a bind.  Large maintenance renewal and the inability to move to a MSSQL document management suite of software called DocuXplorer.

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The Power of the GAPI

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